Your body as a resonating instrument

This is how the IMS® method works

The IMS movement method is based on three principles:

  • Grounding
  • Sound/breath (vocalisation)
  • Movement

In several sessions, we will activate the self-regulating and self-healing power of your body on the basis of these principles. Your body offers a wealth of knowledge. This source you will experience and use during this process. By consciously listening to your body, by following your movement impulses and by expressing what’s going on inside of you via movement, you allow your body to regulate itself from within. Doing this will increase your balance and leave you feeling relaxed and energised.

Together we will work towards your natural state of physical and mental balance. During each session we will focus on what you are going through – in the here and now. By regulating your system from within using the IMS method you become more connected with yourself and the world around you. In addition, you allow yourself to fully experience and utilise your qualities.

This is what the IMS® method can do for you

IMS is an exceptionally efficient instrument if you

  • want to escape your thoughts and mindfully experience (from) your body

  • want to improve your quality of life in a playful and light-hearted way

  • want to experience more relaxation, fun, resilience, vitality, harmony and balance in your life

  • want to tackle your well-being and health, whether proactively or not

  • want to listen to what your body is telling you/seek more insight into what it is trying to tell you

  • want to tap into your body’s wisdom/want to unlock the knowledge stored in your body and use it to make the most of your life

  • want to integrate mindfulness and action in your personal daily practice

  • want to expand your expressive range and give your creativity, talents and qualities all the room they need to flourish

The sessions: we’re in it together

Each IMS session is different and focuses on what you’re experiencing and need right here, right now. I will act as your witness and your coach: you will have my full attention, I will encourage you, I will move with you and I will help you.

Gestures, eye contact, posture, movement, breathing rhythm, tone of voice and tempo, silences, words and images, these are all types of self-expression that use your body as an instrument. An instrument that resonates with me: focussing on your physical expressions allows me to gain insight into and feeling with what moves you. This allows me to respond to your expressions. This forms the basis for my coaching using IMS principles like grounding, vocalisation and movement to help achieve inner motion, self-regulation and self-management. Once you know how, you will have all the tools you need to be able to relax (more) and feel (more) connected, feel energised and effectively tap into your talents. A skill which will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Mindfully experience (from) your own body

More relaxation, vitality and balance in your life

Expand your expressive range

What my clients say

“During the sessions I feel an inner music, which I cannot hear yet, but I know it is there and I can move with it. That feels like coming home to my heart: it is who I am and where I come from. That’s how I get to know my body and how my body gets to know me. For the record: this goes beyond the physical body.”

Moving from grounding feels especially solid to me, very rich. New, and at the same time very much in the now. As mine as an adult but also as something I know from my early years. A kind of reliving, of returning to the basics, to which I may give my full attention.”

“Romanie encouraged me to use my body as an instrument with sounds and noises. That felt a bit awkward at first, but I have experienced how it helps me: as if my body wakes up to give itself what it needs, embraces itself and may enjoy its voice again. Romanie is a kind of amplifier in this process. From her own sound she encouraged me to create and experience my own sound. Now I dare to trust that more. IMS works very subtly in everything. My body experiences happiness and the sounds now come naturally: it wants to sing and knows its own song now!”

“Now, I mainly move, or rather dance, to my inner music: with IMS I experienced how good it feels to dance from within. Of course, putting on music and dancing can also be fun. But if I really want to give my body what it needs, what I subconsciously ask for, then I need music that you don’t hear on the outside but rather feel on the inside. Dancing on a dance floor, thanks to IMS, for me now comes from an intrinsic movement, from contact with my own song, own grounding, own feeling of home. Without IMS, I wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

“With IMS I learned to trust my body and therefore myself: I now let my body speak. The stories my body tells are always true and are never stuck to a structure. At the same time, I am now ‘firmly grounded’ when I move. I used to tremble, I could not tell my story well, I found it difficult to cycle through certain parts of the city. As I now move from a sense of being grounded all of that goes much easier: I can now access my source better. I can discharge and regulate tension energy and vibrations much better. I also experience more connection with nature wherever I am.”

Plan your session

Location and duration

Circumstances of health and safety aside, we will typically work together in my studio in Rotterdam. If you are not able to visit my studio because of physical or other limitations, you can also choose an online set up.

And although no person, no goal and no process are ever exactly the same, most individual programmes take about 10 sessions of 60 minutes.