Experience the healing powers of sound and movement with the IMS® method

An experiential movement method developed by Romanie Bosman

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Do you want to feel more vital and more balanced?

Are you ready to deeply connect with yourself and the world around you?

Your body is a powerful source of knowledge. IMS helps you effectively tap into it.

Your body as a resonating instrument

IMS is an experience-oriented movement method, developed to help you (re)connect with yourself, your natural movements and the world around you.

The method rests on three principles which strengthen your body’s capacity as a resonating instrument: grounding, sound/breath (vocalisation) and movement.

With IMS, you can focus on and work safely towards a state of deep ‘embodied listening’, in which the body naturally adapts itself, is able to freely regulate itself and allows for the unrestrained development of intrinsic qualities.

IMS® en Traumahealing

Using IMS as psychosomatic movement therapy

Do restlessness and persistent tension in your body, your head or heart limit you in your daily life? Do you (regularly) feel that you have lost the connection with yourself. Do you suffer from fears, gloomy thoughts, burn-out or depression? Please know that the IMS method can also be effectively used as psychosomatic movement therapy.

Many physical complaints are caused by unprocessed emotions that block and hold tension in your body. By consciously listening to your body, following the movement impulses and expressing what is going on inside you, you can restore your natural balance from the inside out.


My name is Romanie Bosman, I’m 50 and I live and work in Rotterdam. I have been helping people (re)discover their natural movements using the IMS method, which I personally developed, for over 10 years now. A method, that was developed through and extensively tested in practice.

What my clients say

The reason: Falling asleep within the body is growing dancing flowers transforming within the welcoming cell’s laughing all together as one united.

This is the sentence which emerged during Romanie’s coaching. Many other sentences followed and followed. While moving and dancing, I get to unlock the music inside of me. Even to the point, that I now go through life dancing and moving to this inner vibration. Not unlike these inner vibrations, happiness, too, is kind of invisible. Doesn’t everyone want to be happy? Romanie can help. You can discover this inner vibration, this music, to the core, while moving in silence. Surrendering to this fact is a path to happiness.


A week IMS with Romanie was life-changing for me.

That may sound firmly, but it was true. I already knew quite a lot and had already done a lot of inner work, but with her and thanks to the body all the puzzle pieces came together What I had learned (about basic trust, about connection, about safety) I could now feel and experience IN my body. It found a place. A place that is now my basic safety, without having to look for it outside myself… Very essential for someone who lost her mother – and thus (temporarily) her sense of basic security at a young age. You ARE not your injuries. No injury is fixed for the rest of your life. There is a greater intelligence and wisdom in us body, here and now, that can move with all that is, and can move again what may have been stuck for a while… Thank you, Romanie, for this wonderful enriching week and also necessary tools and knowledge, which I now bring with me can take, en which for me are really a new view of myself and the world. I look forward to dancing and moving a lot more.


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